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UnForm is a platform-independent software product that converts standard text reports into highly enhanced graphical documents for printing on laser printers or viewing with Adobe Acrobat. UnForm is used by thousands of companies to produce laser forms, electronic documents and reports, and to streamline their document workflow through smart forms and print process control.

UnForm is a registered trademark of SDSI

Product Summary

 Most companies can easily justify the purchase of UnForm simply on the savings over pre-printed forms. Simply put, you never have to purchase a preprinted form again.

 With UnForm, you can print, store, email, and fax graphical versions of your invoices and statements. With electronic delivery of documents, savings are even greater by eliminating manual form handling and postage.

 With UnForm's flexibility, you can accomplish virtually any task that can be driven from your printed data.

 Additional Information

 Archiving with UnForm

Price: On Application

UnForm offers optional components for document archiving and management. Archiving while printing is an intuitive method of capturing document printing as your application produces those documents, eliminating the time-consuming scanning of documents as required by many document management applications. UnForm archives not just the the text of the job but also fully formatted PDF files. Access to these documents is provided by a powerful, zero-install Web Browser-based interface, from a command line, or via UnForm jobs themselves.

As an example of how an UnForm job can use archived documents, it is easy to add invoice images to a statement print job.

Another component of Document Management is the Image Manager tool, which is a Windows-based program that supports any scanner with a TWAIN driver and can automate document identification via barcode or OCR recognition. Jobs written in VBScript can further automate document property assignment, so that documents of a known format, such as signed delivery receipts, can be placed in the archives with little manual effort.

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Document Archiving and Management

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