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Product Summary

 The visual query builder lets you build complex SQL queries in drag and drop mode, without the need to write any SQL code.

 Create queries from connected database tables and views and also from designed DBxtra objects or by mixing both.

 Power users can also write their own SQL syntax or copy-paste their queries in the SQL pane.

 Create heterogeneous queries from two or more different databases.

 Assign unlimited expressions supported by the connected database.

 Convert database field types with the expression converter.

 Assign groups and aggregate functions like SUM, AVG, MAX, MIN, etc.

 Apply filter criteria.

 Apply data sorting.

Define runtime parameter queries, reports and charts - end users can specify parameters when running reports.

Price: On Application

 Connect to your database located locally, on the LAN or on the Internet.

 Connect to almost any database like MS Access, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Pervasive, DB2, Excel, text files and through ODBC or OLEDB.

 Access tables, views and stored procedures from your databases.

 Have access to all database objects like tables, views and stored procedures.

 Once a data connection was established it will always be accessible from within DBxtra.

 If required you can change edit database connections easily.

Organize your reports with projects and folders.


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Report Designer Features


As a report creator, you'll benefit from a complete set of layout and design controls to create formatted, interactive and professional-looking interactive reports. DBxtra can address any report formatting and layout requirement by your company and makes it easy to design almost any report. A complete set of design controls offer the flexibility to give your reports a professional and pixel-perfect appearance.

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