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Document Management

There is a need for the effective management of electronic documents as a strategic corporate resource.

Electronic records are distinguished from electronic documents by the fact that they function as evidence of business transactions. An electronic document becomes an electronic record when it takes part in a business transaction.

Many electronic documents function as records and, consequently, sound electronic document management provides a measure of control and protection for these records.


Efficient electronic document management can be a simple, cost-effective time-saving way of sharing information within your organisation while also securing it from fire and flood and even theft.

The advantages of using an electronic document management system go beyond the simple cost benefit of faster retrieval times and smaller physical storage spaces. Electronic Document management Systems also offer extra benefits such as efficiency of workflow and information management.


Return on Investment Calculation (adjust numbers to your specific case):

 Average cost per hour (including benefits) for an employee's time = $30(for example purposes).

 Number of hours lost per year looking for information = 150 (this is just under 3 hours per week on average).

 Cost this year when you cannot put your hand on information quickly $30*150=$4,500 for just one year.

Multiply cost per year times number of employees in your organization - if 5 people then the cost is $4,500 times 5 = $22,500 per year (this cost is for every year!).


The discipline of good electronic document management is vital for business.

It will:

Reduce costs associated with paper storage and photocopying

Make sharing information between people, offices and continents easy

Prevent the disruption of day-to-day business caused by natural disasters such as fire and flood and human misfiling.

Online document management provides instant document retrieval. Automated OCR and user-defined indexing reduce the risk of clerical mistakes, and comprehensive security protects digital archives from unauthorised access. You can scan paper and import electronic files into secure digital archives of unalterable documents and manage entire document repositories from workstations. Digital archiving also provides long-term document preservation.

vides long-term document preservation.

Maximizing the value of information locked in an organizationís documents requires putting it in the hands of decision-makers when and where itís needed most.

A DMS helps an organisation with its document and information management by providing a well indexed document storage system from which information can easily be found and retrieved.

Document Archiving and Management

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