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The balanced score card is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals.


Product Summary

The Balanced Scorecard Designer provides a powerful software environment within which you can build a strategy tree of your company and connect it to a new solution or goal.

Strategy Tree























 For every perspective and indicator you can write a note telling what this indicator is, how to measure it and what target values you are going to achieve.

 The tree represents indicators of the balanced score card (also known as KPI), each of which has a set of numerical values.

 Depending on the specified numerical values and weight of the indicators, the program calculates current progress.

 The generated balanced score card can then be exported to Excel for further analysis or to the HTML format with diagrams.

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