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Many organizations are adept at collecting data, but the real value is only realized when the data are analyzed. Creating and maintaining a data analysis practice will require support from cloud administrators, as well as data analysts. Cloud administrators will be called on to configure systems, evaluate architectures and maintain infrastructure for data analysts. The more you know about the practice of data analysis, the better you can support it.

Using a combination of books and online tutorials while working with various tools can help you dive into data analysis while staying linked to your own real-world data analysis problems.

Philipp Janert's book Data Analysis with Open Source Tools introduces statistical techniques along with open source tools.

Getting started with data-mining tools does not have to be intimidating. RapidMiner is an open source data-mining tool with an easy-to-use interface and a wide collection of research tools available.

Visualization tools such as Tableau Software, a visualization service, can help you better understand large data sets with many variables. This is a fee-for-service product, but there is a free trial if you want to give it a try.

Business Analytics

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