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Text Box: Value Stream Mapping

VSM as a system helps a process team identify waste from a company's processes by mapping out a procedure from the product's point of view. The "value" in value stream mapping is simply anything a customer would consider worth having. VSM is related to the model of lean manufacturing, where the goal is to eliminate everything not necessary to the manufacture of a product, from excess raw materials or inventory to extra steps or time built into the process. The VSM team scrutinizes each step or stage in a process to determine what if anything gets added to the final product that brings it closer to what their customers want. If nothing gets added, the step can be further dissected to determine what precisely is wasted in the step, if not the step entirely. The less waste kept in the process, the more productive the process can be.

Value stream mapping consists of three steps that examine the interactions between processes. A present state value stream map shows work processes as they exist in the present. The present state is assessed to understand what needs improvement. A future state value stream map assesses where the corporation would like to be after changes are implemented. Future state requires more in-depth understanding of inventory processes, like Kanban (an inventory-tracking methodology);
Kaizan, a Japanese principle of continuous improvement; and lot sizing (small or large,) which affects inventory efficiency. Finally, developing and implementing a plan to reach the future state should be the outcome of VSM.

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