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Text Box: B2B Commerce

Six Steps to Implementation

The following steps are required to implement a B2B eCommerce solution. Auditing your current internal processes will help you determine how much work is required to prepare you for the B2B process.


Project Initialisation -  Specifying the requirements, operational processes and the steps needed to implement the B2B process

Research and Plan - Assessing your current processes, systems and overall direction

à Evaluating potential solutions (if none have previously been implemented)

à Scoping, costing and selecting a final solution

à Familiarisation with the planning and testing functionality provided by the CMT

à Understanding the change management requirements within your business given the required process changes to implement B2B.

Install and Test  - Typically during this phase you will:

à Install any additional or upgraded hardware and software

à Test communications and all the B2B documents as part of your systems development cycle

à Define, confirm and test re-engineered processes from receipt of order to despatch


End-to-End Validation and Accreditation Testing -  During this step several test scenarios will be performed commencing with an electronic test order and ending with an eInvoice.


Cut Over and ‘Go Live’ - Commencing on the agreed ‘Go Live’ date, all transactions will be processed using the B2B process.


Monitor - An essential element in the life of the B2B Trading Relationship





B2B Commerce: Implementation Process

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