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Text Box: ERP Selection

Critical Factors that contribute to a successful implementation


ERP Teamwork & CompositionThe team should have a mix of consultants and internal

staff so the internal staff can develop the necessary technical skills for design  & implementation.


Top Management Support - Top management support is required throughout the implementation. Top management must:

ŕ Publically and explicitly identifies the project as a top priority

ŕ Be actively involved and commit adequate resources to the project

ŕ Legitimise new goals and objectives

ŕ Understanding the change management requirements within your business given the required process changes to implement the new system.

Sound Project Management - The scope of the project must be clearly defined and be limited.

ŕ Evaluate proposed changes against business benefits

ŕ Critical paths within the project must be determined  (Critical Path Analysis)

ŕ Escalation  of issues & conflicts must be managed


Appointment of a Project Champion -  Someone should be placed in charge and the project leader should “champion” the project throughout the enterprise.


Setting realistic expectations - Aligning business processes to the software capabilities is essential.


Sufficient End User Training - Users should be involved in the design and implementation of the business processes and the ERP system. Education should be a priority from the outset.


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ERP Selection: Critical Factors

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